Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What is a Courtesan?

What is a Courtesan?
A courtesan is someone far more ambitious, worldly and practiced in her arts than a mere mistress or prostitute. A successful courtesan would understand men, fashion and society, be bold and able to hold her own in the bedroom and out of it. Some infamous courtesans even rose to the heights of power at the side of their benefactors. Others acquired houses, jewels, gowns and money, and eventually retired comfortably. But where did a courtesan get her start? Beginning such a career was no easy feat. She had to learn both the sensual arts and rules of society somewhere. She needed an introduction.
In my book An Aspiring Courtesan, we take a playful sensual journey with Livvy a young woman who wishes to become so much more than a mistress or wife. In the Regency, a time of few rights for women and arranged marriages, she would be a woman in control of her own destiny. Or so she thinks. She turns to her cousin Alina, a housemaid, for advice and instruction. Alina who is about to be married, can no longer have the playful sensual flings with the handsome young Duke of Borden that she has previously enjoyed on his visits to her own employer the Earl of Devensley. She instructs the untutored Livvy in the sensual arts, persuading the duke to accept Livvy and to be her first lover.
Livvy is a sensual and determined young woman who knows what she wants. If she has to learn from someone she is happy that it is the duke.
This book delves into both the duke’s thoughts and Livvy’s, followed by the story of his friend the earl and a seemingly innocent young debutante who has learned a few things from Livvy.
An Aspiring Courtesan is a sensual romantic comedy and very definitely for adults only!