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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Origin of St. Valentine's Day

According to legend there have been at least three men who may have been the originators of the legend of St. Valentine, but the most popular was that of Valentine of Terni, who was executed in 278 A.D. for continuing to perform wedding ceremonies after Claudius II outlawed the practice in order to encourage men to join the army.
He is supposed to have left a farewell note before his execution signed 'from your Valentine'.

Friday, January 25, 2019

A New Year

It's a brand new year with new beginnings and new goals and it's hard to believe we are already close to the end of January! I haven't even eaten all my chocolate Santas yet, and Valentine candy is in the shops and Easter eggs too in some places! But with Valentine's day comes thoughts of romance and love stories, and I'm hoping to have my next book finished soon. Of course, like all my others it will be playful and full of naughty heroes and heroines and lots of sensual fun
I thought it might be fun to post some info on Valentine's day through history, so watch this spot for some updates on that!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Cover update for An Aspiring Courtesan

Here is the new cover for my book An Aspiring Courtesan. I just love it! What do you think?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

York's Historic Shambles

A Christmas visit to York's historic Shambles. I have put many more pictures in the separate page entitled York. It's an absolutely gorgeous city.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Recent Visit to York, UK

Photographs from a recent visit to the wonderful historic city of York, UK. This street sign made me smile and the sign below explains it much better than I ever could! 

Saturday, September 1, 2018

St. Catherine's Oratory, also known as The Pepperpot (Isle of Wight)

St. Catherine's Oratory affectionately known as The Pepperpot due to its shape is all that now remains of the oratory. It was built in approximately 1328.
According to local legend Walter de Godeton, Lord of Chale, took wine from a shipwreck in Chale Bay. The wine came from a French monastery and de Godeton was fined and threatened with excommunication for his actions unless he built an oratory and beacon on Chale Down (now St. Catherine's Hill) as penance.
Monks manned the light for many years.
Here are a few pictures of both the inside and out of this small tower. The views from the hill are spectacular and worth the uphill walk!

Friday, August 24, 2018

A Recent Visit to Belton House

A recent visit to Belton House in Grantham Lincolnshire, the house was built for Sir John Brownlow in the 1680s, it is a beautiful county house with extensive grounds and fallow deer.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

All about my books

About my books

I write playfully sensual and lighthearted romance, currently I have five Regency titles available.
In Devlin's Arms, The Third Dance, Simply Adored, An Aspiring Courtesan, and The Jewel Thief. The first four are filled with lots of sensual scenes, funny moments and a happy ending. The Jewel Thief though, is a sweeter Regency style ghost story without the explicit love scenes but still filled with humor and a happy ending.
I also have one historical fantasy style book named Just A Dream Away. These are all fast paced quick reads which can be read within 1-2 hours and I hope will leave you feeling happy. You can find the links right here on my blog or on Amazon sites worldwide.
So please scroll down and I hope you will find a little something for every taste and mood!

The Jewel Thief
A Ghostly Regency Romance
Book Description

Griffin Blackstone, the Earl of Blakenheath, is resting in his room after a long journey to attend a house party at Tallander Castle with his younger sister Lissy. While she is out exploring the castle grounds with her long-time nanny, Griffin hears a strange sound in the room adjoining his own and hurries to investigate, but instead of a maid he discovers a shimmering apparition wearing his sister Lissy’s jewels.
Upon discovery, the spirit immediately disappears. Shocked but curious, he tamps down his initial alarmed instinct to dash out of there and waits for her to reappear. After all, even if he left she’d still be there and he can hardly have his sister return to a room bearing a ghost. But the playful and curious young specter is not easily deterred from her goal of acquiring the shimmering jewels, and Griffin finds himself in the strange predicament of trying to understand the ghost—that he discovers is known historically as the White Silhouette—and her motives.
He nicknames her Magpie as she is attracted to shiny objects. But his research shows her to be a young woman named Melissande DeMesurier Tallander who died of influenza a hundred years earlier.
Tallander Castle is up for sale, and not only is their hostess, the current Miss Tallander, hoping for a buyer, but she has also attracted many of the guests to the party by informing them that they are welcome to search the castle for the long missing Tallander jewels, though Griffin suspects he knows exactly who has stolen them.
A mischievous ghost, a bewildered and fascinated earl, a masquerade ball and some ghostly surprises feature in this lighthearted Regency romance.

Please note that this ghostly tale is much sweeter than my other books which are often quite spicy. My other titles, In Devlin’s Arms and The Third Dance are sensual. An Aspiring Courtesan and Simply Adored are erotic. But all are lighthearted nonetheless

Here's the Amazon links:

The Jewel Thief Australia 

                               In Devlin’s Arms

A little trouble, a little laughter, love, and a whole lot of sensuality feature in this Regency novella In Devlin’s Arms.
Devlin Rochdene, the fourth Earl of Cariston is at his wits’ end. He has been backed into a corner by Lady Clarissa Dravenbrook, a young woman he was caught in a compromising position with—a situation she orchestrated. Now she is insisting that he announce their engagement in The Scottish Daily Times the next day, or she will destroy not only his good name but his reputation in the shipping business, making him appear unreliable.
He is only one voyage away from solvency, so now faced with losing either his financial freedom or his personal freedom he must make a choice. But just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, in walks his young neighbor Lady Chantal Havonford—Tally—with a dueling pistol, demanding his assistance with a problem of her own.
Can he solve one problem with another? As he is leaving on his ship the next day he has to act quickly. If he marries Tally, Clarissa will be thwarted, but will that be the end of it? Or is it just the beginning? And is the feisty Clarissa all that she seems? That lies with his best friend Vincent Harper, Viscount Braden, to discover.
Here is an excerpt from the second part of the book when Vincent visits Clarissa:
“Stupid? I must have been stupid to get into this carriage with you!” she shouted as the crash overhead reverberated through the carriage.
“Well then, be my guest and leave!” He waved a dismissive hand from her to the door.
Instead of cowering or pleading to stay she opened the door and was about to leap out, he grasped her around the waist, pulling her back inside. She landed with a thump on the floor at his feet.
“Now I know you are mad!” he growled. “Barefoot and naked beneath the cloak you would jump out into the night!”
“Anything would be better than being in here with you!” she hissed angrily. Then his attention was suddenly diverted as she struggled to her feet rubbing the spot on her backside where she had landed with a thump. This fiery little vixen was actually a joy to behold, she was fierce and funny and he wanted to laugh. Valiantly he attempted to press his lips together lest he allow a chuckle to escape.
She turned to him, hands going to her hips when she saw the smile he couldn’t quite suppress. “You think this is funny?”
“Yes.” He nodded as finally the laughter broke free and he guffawed in a most ungentlemanly manner. This time she did leap from the carriage, fortunately they had pulled to a halt outside Dravenbrook Castle. She landed with a splash, her bare feet in a puddle. But he was right behind her, lifting her into his arms and carrying her toward the house.
“You have to put me down. You must leave, right now.”
“Why? Isn’t it customary to invite a guest inside, particularly in a storm?” he chuckled as she squirmed in his arms.
“That would be inappropriate,” she informed him primly.
“Inappropriate? You expected my friend to marry you for less than this.”
Recumbent in his embrace she folded her arms. “You are a fool!” she told him.
That really got his dander up! It injured him more to have his intelligence questioned than to be made fun of for his limp. He was a smart man, damn it!
“Do you just enjoy insulting people?” he demanded as he pulled the bell and waited for the door to open.
“Just you, you obviously bring out the best in me.”
“I do? So you are admitting to actually having a good side? Though if this is your best, I confess I may be tempted to call for an exorcist!”
She met his gaze then and he couldn’t fathom what he saw in her eyes. She was puzzled, no doubt no one had ever spoken to her that way before.

The Third Dance

Rex Rosslare, the Duke of Remstone, is back in England, it’s not his favorite place, but duty calls. He’s a self-sufficient adventurer who has spent more than a decade travelling the world and has learned a task or two most dukes would never contemplate undertaking themselves. So when his horse casts a shoe and the blacksmith is somewhat ‘indisposed’, he takes on the challenge himself; his prize Thoroughbred is more friend than mount and he wants to assure his well-being. But while rendering the new shoe in the blacksmith’s stead, he meets Lady Caprice, a capricious young woman whose horse has also cast a shoe. Caprice, he’ll never think of her as anything else! Young Lady Caprice is enjoying one last afternoon of freedom before going to London to begin her Season, in a compromise with her grandmother she informs him, she has agreed to attend just the Little Season. She is a year or two older than the typical debutante, and a whole lot more worldly-wise. She rides astride without a groom in tow, carries a small flask of brandy on her hip. And is not remotely cowed by meeting him—an unknown man complete with scars and an eye patch—wielding the heavy tools in the blacksmith’s place. He agrees to shoe her horse for her, but in return he requests one small thing—a kiss—and he is instantly aware that the kiss is her first.
Unfortunately, she is leaving for London the following day. So obviously he must follow. Daggert, his manservant/friend and helper is highly amused by the way Lady Caprice is able to twist his jaded employer around her little finger. But then Daggert has never seen the man fall in love before.
Only days into his sojourn in London, Caprice is tying Rex in knots. And Daggert can’t wait to see what will happen next. The girl doesn’t even bat an eyelid when Rex, who is known for his infamous temper, roars like a baited lion when she attempts to sneak into his home via the garden trellis.
But the question is, when Caprice asks Rex for the one thing a debutante would never dare risk, a third dance with the same man, almost the ton’s equivalent of a public declaration, will he comply? Has he met his match? Or does the thrill of travel and adventure call once more?

Simply Adored

When Viscount Caspian Wane decided it was time to choose a bride from the Season’s new crop of debutantes, he knew finding the right one wasn’t going to be easy. How on earth did one get to know a shy and shielded young woman who was always surrounded by chaperones? Until now his sensual pleasures have been fulfilled by the girls of The Bella Donna House, a discreet high class London pleasure house that caters to the individual. Caspian has his own suite there, and has always been happy with their services, the six girls who pleasure him are his alone and they cater perfectly to his taste for long slow sensual nights. But Caspian has one thing that he is saving for marriage. His virginity. He does not want to share the final act with anyone but his wife. But can he find a suitable bride, one who will share his life, his bed, and his penchant for long slow evenings of sensual pleasures?

                            An Aspiring Courtesan
                                                  Essex 1812

Olivia Everton—Livvy wants to be a courtesan. She has a naturally sensual nature and a good idea of what the position entails, thanks to a little verbal tutoring from her aunt who was once a courtesan herself. The only problem is, she has absolutely no experience, at least… not yet.
Livvy’s older cousin Alina has been head housemaid to Derek Hansford, the Earl of Devensley for more than ten years, he’s a kind man, the job is secure and comfortable, and he has a delicious friend in Dalton Bayworth, the Duke of Borden, who has been Alina’s occasional lover on his many visits to Devensley Castle for years. The only problem with this arrangement is that Alina has now determined to marry George the head footman, so her dalliance with the delightful duke must come to an end. And Livvy’s can begin, that is, if the sensual rogue is willing to take on and train a young and willing virgin as his lover. And to assist her on her path to becoming a high class courtesan.
The duke agrees to allow Livvy to spend the week with him during his stay at Devensley Castle, while he dodges the matchmaking machinations of two visiting families, and soon finds himself entranced with the naturally sensual beauty and her eagerness to learn.
Livvy’s impact stretches to his best friend the earl, and a curious young debutante in this playfully sensual and erotic tale.

                                                     Just A Dream Away

Princess Selana of Damaria has recently been married by proxy to Prince Daliant of the neighboring state of Admavaria, uniting their two nations as one and ending centuries of feuding over territory. The negotiations seemed endless, and now the time has finally come to meet the man who will rule at her side. But Princess Selana is worried. Will the notoriously handsome and experienced prince be happy with her, a young woman who is pale, not dusky like the women of his land, and more used to trampling around her lands in riding boots than attending balls or flirting? The peace of their nations depends upon their ability to work together. Will he be a kind co-ruler of their two newly joined nations, or arrogant, spoiled and degenerate?
Prince Daliant of Admavaria is renowned for his love of women, a reputation he fully earned. But the new alliance and terms of the proxy marriage forbids him to share intimacies with anyone but his princess bride for the rest of his days. Can he keep to the treaty? The two have never met. Will his princess be a joy to behold, and a playful bed companion, or an ice queen as the pale glacial blue eyes of her portrait suggests?
But only days after their marriage, Selana awakens in another world, one that is not her own. Or is it? Was Prince Daliant real? Which world is the dream world and which the reality?

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday, June 29, 2018

Around the Isle of Wight

A selection of my recent pictures from around the Isle of Wight

A walk through Shanklin Chine

Looking over from Shanklin to Sandown

Sunset over Shanklin

Mist rolling in over Alum Bay

Tuesday, June 19, 2018