In Devlin's Arms

In Devlin’s Arms
A Sensual and Playful Regency Romance

A little trouble, a little laughter, love, and a whole lot of sensuality feature in this Regency novella In Devlin’s Arms.

Devlin Rochdene, the fourth Earl of Cariston is at his wits’ end. He has been backed into a corner by Lady Clarissa Dravenbrook, a young woman he was caught in a compromising position with—a situation she orchestrated. Now she is insisting that he announce their engagement in The Scottish Daily Times the next day, or she will destroy not only his good name but his reputation in the shipping business, making him appear unreliable.
He is only one voyage away from solvency, so now faced with losing either his financial freedom or his personal freedom he must make a choice. But just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, in walks his young neighbor Lady Chantal Havonford—Tally—with a dueling pistol, demanding his assistance with a problem of her own.
Can he solve one problem with another? As he is leaving on his ship the next day he has to act quickly. If he marries Tally, Clarissa will be thwarted, but will that be the end of it? Or is it just the beginning? And is the feisty Clarissa all that she seems? That lies with his best friend Vincent Harper, Viscount Braden, to discover.

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