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Friday, March 3, 2017

Simply Adored

When Viscount Caspian Wane decided it was time to choose a bride from the Season’s new crop of debutantes, he knew finding the right one wasn’t going to be easy. How on earth did one get to know a shy and shielded young woman who was always surrounded by chaperones? Until now his sensual pleasures have been fulfilled by the girls of The Bella Donna House, a discreet high class London pleasure house that caters to the individual. Caspian has his own suite there, and has always been happy with their services, the six girls who pleasure him are his alone and they cater perfectly to his taste for long slow sensual nights. But Caspian has one thing that he is saving for marriage. His virginity. He does not want to share the final act with anyone but his wife. But can he find a suitable bride, one who will share his life, his bed, and his penchant for long slow evenings of sensual pleasures?

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